Mentor Monday: Teaching Through Exodus


I’m alive…I’m alive! I had the unfortunate experience of coming down with the crud…on Christmas week too! I was in a Nyquil and Robitussin coma all of last week. I am much better now and my voice is finally back! Yay! I actually wasn’t able to teach last Sunday because I was sick so I didn’t have a lesson to post!
I was back this Sunday and feeling good though! It always amazes me how much fun I have with the kids regardless if it’s on my lesson plan or not. I wanted to kick this year off with a bang and what better way than with a fun, new series! For the next week we will be taking a walk through the book of Exodus and the life of Moses! Here’s a little breakdown of what we did today:
9:15 – 9:30 – Snack/Ask about what Santa Brought them and where they went for Christmas
9:30 – 9:45 – Will it sink or float? game
9:45 – 10:00 – Lesson 1: Birth of Moses and his arrival to the Pharaoh’s daughter
10:00 – 10:15 – Paper Basket Weave Craft
My favorite part of today’s lesson was definitely our “Will it float or sink?” game. The kids had a chance to grab things throughout the classroom and see if they would sink or float. We voted on each item before it was dropped into the bucket. We played this game to demonstrate how Moses’ mother made his little carrying case for the river the way she did.
You have all probably seen the weaving of paper in and out to make it looked like a weaved basket. The kids had a lot of fun cutting strips and weaving them in and out of the paper to make a basket. I had some older kids in my class today so this was a lot of fun for them as well.
Throughout the study of Exodus, we will be building a time line for us to follow as we go further into Exodus. I’ll be putting that in the classroom this Wednesday night so I will be sure to post pictures next week!
I hope each of you have a great Monday!
 Thanks for reading!

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