Sappy Tuesday!

Learning to Teach with Taylor

Good Morning Readers!

Today I am feeling exceedinly sappy, hence the quote above. Don’t get used to it 😉

Anyway, I absolutely love this quote. The first time that I actually read it gave me goose bumps. This quote is so true. The moment that I begin to learn about a child’s life is the moment that my caring begins and never ends. In todays society, parenting has gone by the wayside. I have so many parents that cuss at their children, yell at them, never ask them about their lives or school and then wonder what went wrong with them. Unactive parenting is one of the major reasons why our children today are cussing and yelling at other students. This is also the reason that bullying within the school system has skyrocketed. We always blame children for not doing what’s right, but they’ve never been taught what is right. We have to many adults blaming children instead of helping children learn right and wrong.

This week I have a challenge for each of you to invest in a child’s life this week. The child can be one of yours, a child from your church, or someone that you may just know. I ask that you ask them about their day and actively listen to it! Encourage those children and let them know that you care by continually asking about their day and listening. It’s a small thing that can make a huge difference in their lives. Some of you might say that it takes to much time, but it’s actually very simple. I usually take about 10 minutes out of my day to talk to several children on my property after they get off the bus. Please help me and other teachers out their show children that they are important and can better themselves.

Thanks again for reading!

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